The estimated total amount of money spent on your paid marketing campaigns.


The unique number of clicks leading to your website from your paid marketing campaigns.

Cart Session

Cart session defines a collection of ‘Add to cart’ events within a specific time frame. The session is initiated on the first ‘Add to Cart’ event and a new session is created after 30 mins of inactivity. One or more products being added to cart within a 30-minute window is considered as a single cart session.

Read More About Cart Sessions Here.


The number of purchase events tracked by the pixel and attributed to your paid marketing campaigns.


The sum of the total transaction value of all paid orders.

Cost Per Order

The average cost per transaction of all paid marketing campaigns.


The amount of revenue generated with respect to the amount spent on paid marketing campaigns.

Overall Visits

The sum of visits leading from both, paid marketing campaigns and active visitors coming in organically, barring 30 minutes of inactivity (After the 30-minute window, a new visit will be initiated).

Overall Transactions

The sum of the total number of paid and organic transactions.

Overall Revenue

The sum of the total transaction value of both paid and organic orders.







Updated on November 14, 2017

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