Define a goal

One goal per country:

When you want to target a single country with a single objective, say for example – You want to launch a goal for getting orders from the United States, you will create a goal with orders (transactions) as the goal and the United States as the country.

Why one goal per country?

A lot of parameters change as per the country. For example, the product pricing may change as per the country or the type of audiences available on vendor (for e.g. Facebook & google). One goal per country thus helps in making business decisions on a geography level.

What is Objective & How to decide budget?

The objective is what you consider as your ultimate performance metric. If you want to drive more visitors to your website then select “visits” as a performance metric. Similar to visits, select “Revenues” or “Transactions” for orders as a goal.

Pro Tips:

If you select Transactions as a Goal, the platform will try to optimize for getting the transaction volume i.e. more and more orders. If you select Revenue as a Goal, the platform will try to optimize for getting maximum revenue.

Confidence Zone: This will tell you what is the probability of achieving the defined goal in given budget. More on this coming soon! (We promise)

How to choose channels & percentage of the budget? Here you can define how much you are willing to spend on each channel.

Case 1: You think Facebook works best for you (from past performance or tribal learning you have) and put lower budget on other channels

Case 2: You don’t have past performance data and just starting paid marketing, we suggest you use the default recommended split.

Click on “Save” to save your changes.

Click on “Reset” to move to originally recommended split.

Click on “Fix it” to fix the split.


Updated on December 22, 2017

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