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Step 1 : Open Goals Tab.

Step 2 : Select an active Goal. Once selected your goals tab will drop down and expand providing you information about the same.

Step 3 : Select the Spanner button as shown in the image to access the Details tab or button.

The Detail button is used for accessing information about your CATEGORY LED STRATEGIES and CUSTOM STRATEGIES. It provides information about their performance as well using color based preset codes for types of performance applicable. The types of performance are as follows :

  1. Green Dot – Performance above par
  2. Grey Dot – Data not enough still learning
  3. Red Dot – Performance below par

Details button allows you to access your current running strategy in your goal based on specific categories by accessing CATEGORY BASED STRATEGIES. It provides information about the type of category specific targeting for which the strategy is running, the type of audience targeted, the location preferences and the types of devices the campaigns are running on.

The Details button also provides information about CUSTOM STRATEGIES where in you can access your custom made strategies set for custom categories and check and edit for audience, location(Geo) and type of devices being accessed. The Custom strategies also allows you to set a new strategy.

The Details button also allows you to filter out your active and inactive strategies as well and Gives you the freedom to select the type of channel you are running your strategy on(Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Display, Facebook and Facebook DPA).




Updated on January 19, 2018

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