Goal Tracker

The goal tracker interface is integrated in each of the corresponding goals card and is used to track the performance on the goal level. Goal tracker has performance graphs for the spends and the goal metric. For example – the goal set is for 50 transactions at a budget of Rs 5000, then transactions is the goal metric here and the goal tracker will show the cumulative progress and projections for transactions and budgets.


Goal Tracker depicts two different aspects of the performance –

  1. Actual performance – The solid line in the graphs represent the cumulative progress towards the goal so far. The data is taken from the date the goal went active and depicts the total progress towards the goal.
  2. Projected performance – The dotted line in the graphs are the projections, these are calculated on the basis of the performance trends so far, the trend is extrapolated to project the expected target until the end date of the goal.

For quick access editing, you can edit the goals and budgets directly in the boxes beneath the graphs.


Updated on January 17, 2018

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