How do I launch a new strategy?

We give you a platform to decide upon the strategy that you want to follow through the marketing efforts. Setting up is a quick 4-click process. Once you are logged into the platform, click on the Strategy tab on top and follow these steps:

Step 1

Click on Launch A New Strategy and fill in the following details under Strategy Info 

Strategy Name – Name your strategy, e.g. Brand Awareness

Objective – Select from the options available as per your performance objective. Your could select Visitors, if your brand or online store is young and you need to drive traffic to your store. You could select Transactions as an objective if you have a fairly established store with a good amount of daily sessions, and so on.

The start date can be kept as required depending upon the objective. Set your desired goal and its corresponding budget.

Click on Save

Step 2

Click on Marketing Channels & fill in the Budget allocation in percentages against the channels that you are planning to market your products on. also recommends a budget allocation, which is as per the goal selected by you in Step 1, you can follow that as well.

If there are channels that you don’t want to use, you can keep their allocation as 0 & hit Save.

Step 3 

Now in the Audience Targeting tab, you have common parameters (applicable to all the selected channels) & then you can also select the individual channel & decide parameters for it. The parameters here are: Device level, Location Inclusion/Exclusion etc.

Once this is done, click on Save 

Step 4

Review & Launch 

Review all your preferences set in the previous steps & click on Launch Strategy

Updated on April 30, 2018

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