Is the reporting similar to Google Analytics?

The metrics reported and the depth of analysis provided by the platform is similar to Google analytics. The major points of deviation from Google analytics are the following –

  • The platform is geared towards reporting from the point of view of paid marketing, the default attribution model for GA is last click attribution which is identical to ours with a slight difference – Conversion is attributed to the last touchpoint, in GA’s case this could be any channel paid or organic. We attribute this to the last click Paid touchpoint which also takes into account the view-through conversions i.e people who converted organically after seeings an ad.
  • The attribution window is also¬† slightly different than GA. Google analytics uses 28 day click attribution window whereas we use 30 day click attribution. This attribution difference does not usually result in a big difference but takes into account the entire month.


Updated on April 30, 2018

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