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Legacy campaigns and all about them

How to view the data for legacy goals?

Step 1: Go to the required strategy. Select the custom strategies and click on legacy campaigns to view all the  legacy campaigns as shown below:

Step 2: You can see all the legacy campaigns as shown:

How to tag a goal?

Now when you can see the legacy campaigns. Click on the respective channel you want to see the campaigns for:

Now for tagging the campaign to a particular goal, click the down arrow and select the desired goal in which you would like to tag the campaign.

You can also search the goal in which you would like to tag the campaigns. And don’t forget to save the changes.


What are not managed campaigns?

The campaigns which are not launches by Onlinesales.ai, or the campaigns which are directly launched by clients come under not managed campaigns and this will not be optimized by us.

Do you get charged for legacy campaigns?

Yes, you get charged for the legacy campaigns as these campaigns are tagged to a goal and they get optimized by onlinesales.ai except the not managed campaigns.

Optimizations on legacy campaigns?

Yes, optimization can be done on legacy campaigns but we would suggest launching new campaigns from apps.onlinesales.ai  so that our platform can work efficiently on the campaigns and the optimization can be done easily to get sufficient data which would help us to manage the account in future.

Updated on January 19, 2018

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