Magento Extension Steps

We have launched a new extension for Magento which simplifies & automates the product catalog sync process. It also places a higher quality Container pixel for better and richer funnel tracking.
Please follow the steps mentioned below to install & activate the extension.

Extension Installation:

  1. Download & Install the extension from the Magento Marketplace.
  2. To ensure the extension is installed properly,  you should be able to Re-login into the Admin Panel
  3. (Recommended) It also helps if you clear the Magento cache @  Admin Panel >> System >> Cache management >> Select Flush Magento cache

Extension Activation: 

  1. Go to the extensions page in your Magento Admin Panel @ System > Configuration > ONLINESALES.AI EXTENSIONS > Product Ads.
  2. For this step, we need you to sign-up/activate the extension using the same Google account which you had used for registering on our platform earlier
  3. You can check which account is used by going to >> Settings >> Users
  4. If that account/email-id is not present please send us the email-id you wish to use and we will add it to our system
  5. Once the above checks are done, right click on “Get started for Free” and open it in an Incognito window to activate the extension.
Updated on May 8, 2018

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