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OnlineSales Shopper Channel

What is OnlineSales Shopper Channel?

OS Shopper channel lets you target audiences on programmatic exchanges like AdX, Yahoo Exchange, Pubmatic, etc. This channel, especially with Remarketing, has proven to drive incremental Shoppers beyond Google Display & Facebook; and is as effective as any other remarketing channels.

How does OS Shopper help me reach wider Audience than Google and Facebook?

Several Ad Exchanges (Yahoo, Pubmatic, Adform etc.) when combined together, have much wider inventory beyond Google & Facebook.

How does OS Shopper channel ensure that I reach my relevant audience?

Our AI algorithms are trained on a huge amount of User Behavioral data that allows us to create relevant & fine-grained Personas on these exchanges. Think of this as Remarketing of your Cookie Base along with look-alike audiences – beyond Google & Facebook.

Can I not target these audiences on all the exchanges myself?

You definitely can. However, the Ad exchange inventory is only available to select few partners as “Exchange Seat” & integrations are very cost prohibitive & time-consuming. OnlineSales.ai brings you this capability along with increased Volumes at better ROI in 1-Click.

Is OS Shopper channel as cost-effective as other channels?

OS Shopper is more cost-effective than Google and Facebook since the inventory is wider and comparatively under-tapped.

What kind of Creatives can I use?

We would automatically be generating Product Ads that are built on HTML5. Alternatively, you can provide us with the creatives in the same formats as you do for Google Display & Facebook.

Where can I track the performance?

We will send updates on your chat box. We are working on integrating the data with the OnlineSales Platform.

Cool, how can I get started?

Just send a request to our chat support and we will get you set up!

What about the billing?

You can let us know the monthly spend that you want to allocate to OS Shopper Channel. We will include the charge in your regular platform billing.

Updated on April 30, 2018

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