Channel Summary section gives the split of performance metrics by sub-channels as a percentage value.

Channel summary comprises of 2 simple treemaps – Each for the chosen metric. You can change the metrics by clicking on the drop-down.

By choosing various metric combinations, you understand how each sub-channel performed for chosen metric combination and selected date range.

Sub-channels are Facebook, Facebook DPA, Google Search, Google PLA, and Google Display.

Use this as a visual map to compare performance across sub-channels. Let’s check a sample. Google Search is the most profitable channel here – with 7.6% of the total Spends, it drives 43% transactions.

All metrics are based on last-click attribution model. This means, that the clicks, carts and orders are attributed to the last Ad clicked before conversion. It may happen that your customers click Facebook Ads and browse your store.To make the buying decision, however, they go to Google. Facebook is then your acquisition channel and Google is your conversion channel.


Updated on May 8, 2018

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