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Sofie – All Questions Answered!

Q. What is Sofie?

Sofie is a Facebook Messenger Bot for OnlineSales.ai’s Ad Account users to gain insights and review suggestions on-the-go. If you have a working internet connection you can track the overall performance and optimize your strategies from anywhere by talking to Sofie on Facebook Messenger. Sofie keeps you in-the-loop with the performance updates by fetching insights and monitoring across all the marketing channels.

Q. How does integrating with Sofie benefit me?

Sofie can be reached using the Facebook Messenger. This means that you can use your mobile device to connect with Sofie and gain all the insights on the App itself! Here are a few more advantages,

  1. Receive daily insights on the Facebook Messenger about your store’s spends, visits, impressions and visits.
  2. Access cross-channel performance updates on the app – anytime, anywhere.
  3. Single click process to Review and implement suggestions from the Ad account based on the performance analysis.
  4. Get customized graphs about your spends v/s transactions v/s visit for a specified time period across the marketing channels that you have used.

Q. How can I connect with Sofie?

You can connect with Sofie by following 3 easy steps. All you need is a Facebook Account!

Q. How to start using Sofie?

Here are a few commands to get you started with Sofie. She is a newborn bot and will get intelligent over time with responses to new commands!

Updated on May 3, 2018

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