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What all types of insights boards are there?

There are no fixed types but we would like to classify them into following 7 broad categories.

  • Cross-channel Insights e.g. Spends vs Revenues across Facebook, Google Search and Bing Shopping
  • Specific Channel Insights e.g. Facebook, Google Search, Bing Shopping Insights
  • Audience Insights e.g. New vs Repeat buyers, Daily and Weekly Visitors
  • Merchandise Insights e.g. Top performing product categories
  • Competition Insights e.g. Your Out-of-Stock Rates, Bounce Rates  w.r.t Industry
  • Change History Insights e.g. # of Bid Updates per day for past 4 weeks on Google Search and its impact on account spends/conversions
  • Website Insights e.g. Page load times and bounce rates on your website

However, you can create your own insights board from any of the available insights cards based on what insights you would like to see every day/week/month

Updated on January 11, 2017

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