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What are Insights Boards?

Insights Boards give you a thematic view of your digital marketing performance across marketing channels. It helps you organize key performance metrics into logical groupings like merchandise insights, audience cohorts, change history, competition benchmarks, cross-channel metrics etc. in the form of “boards”. Each board consists of detailed insights that give you more visibility into each one of these dimensions, in the form of “cards”. Each insight card showcases impactful business metrics, logically woven into a simple yet powerful visualization to enable faster and better decision making.

So, even if your are a busy CEO who wants to get his key business updates on the go or a marketing manager in charge of driving business strategies across multitude of online marketing channels, these insights will be valuable to you; not only to get a deeper, multi-dimensional view of your business but also to make better and well-informed business decisions, day-in and day-out.

Updated on January 11, 2017

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