1. What are strategies?

Strategies associate a particular merchandise product type to an audience persona or library of personas. These personas are the audience segments that the strategy then targets and optimizes upon, this includes audience demographics, locations and device placements. The following points are of note when defining strategies –

  • A goal can contain multiple strategies within it. Goals specify the objective of campaigning (Visitors. transactions, revenue etc.) with a target to achieve
  • One strategy will be created per channel. This is done because different personas are applicable and available for different channels. For example – Facebook offers far deeper persona definition than Google
  • On goal creation, the platform will recommend a strategy and persona structure based on the merchandize and product type in question. For example – In the case of facebook channel, If the strategy is for a gifting merchandise company and cakes are the product category in question than the suggested persona would include people who have birthdays coming up.
  • Persona libraries can be created from scratch as well, please refer the libraries section for further details.


Updated on May 2, 2018

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