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Getting Started with Sofie: Frequently used commands

Queries for Account Summaries

Once you connect with Sofie, you will receive daily summaries on messenger at 9:00 AM as per your timezone!  You can also use the below commands to get summaries for a specified date or month range.

The response is given below. You can also dive into details by responding to the follow-up questions.

Queries for Performance Metrics

Sofie can help you with accurate graphs based on your spends, transactions and revenues. You can fetch the data for specific days or months. Some e.g commands are given below.

An example response to one of the commands mentioned above is given below.

Queries for Performance Metrics Across Channels.

Sofie accepts commands to generate reports for different campaigns running across different channels. Some of the commands are given below.

An example response is available below. 

Queries for Reviewing and Applying Suggestions

OnlineSales.ai generates suggestions to optimize performance and reduce costs based on the data collected. These suggestions can be reviewed on the messenger. You can command Sofie to fetch the suggestions for review. Some example commands are given below. 

Sofie responds to these commands by displaying the suggestions along with the 1 Click option to apply these suggestions for the account. Some examples are given below.

Sofie is a new born bot and will get more intelligent over time. This will mean that she will understand more commands and will responds with more accuracy!

Updated on April 12, 2017

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