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Facebook Collection Ads


A collection is a new Facebook ad format for mobile devices only that features a video, slideshow or image above a group (or “collection”) of linked product images.

Clicking one of the images leads to an instantly loaded user experience (similar to Canvas), highlighting up to 50 products. If a product is clicked on from there, the user will be redirected to that particular product page on the brand website or application.

This Facebook ad format is ideal for e-commerce companies.



1.Banner Image (Images cropped to 1.91:1) / Video

2.Text: Describing more about the collection you have launched (125 characters)

3.Headline: Describing the name of your collection. (25 characters)

Product Catalog:

Pass Specific label in  “custom label 4” if you want to show specific products in loaded ad experience.





Updated on April 30, 2018

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